Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Jane Eyre

Our final Google Hangout for the Year! It has been wonderful to have this experience with these inspirational students!
Today was Jane Eyre. There was some controversy this session and not all the students agreed in their answers to the questions. We used this You-tube version of Jane Eyre as our movie, though some of the students had read the book or watched a different version as well as this one.
Questions with bigger themes about love, conscience and faith are bound to have some differences of opinion. It is great to see the students back up their answers. 
It is also wonderful to see them laugh together and learn together!
I am finding more and more that I will need to be prepared with extensions for each of the questions in order to stimulate more discussion. This is something I will be mindful of for next year. 
The questions for Jane Eyre are here.
Blessings! Natalie

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