Wednesday, May 18, 2016

North and South - A four part series on The Industrial Revolution

North and South was an excellent four part mini series from the BBC about England during the Industrial Revolution. This mini-series was a great opportunity to explore the textile industry and the horrific conditions that the workers endured. It also presented the challenges of the mill owners in a way that helped our students to see both sides of the issues.
We divided this into four sessions because it was such an engaging series. 
I chose North and South for the following reasons:
1. It covers issues of strikes, unions, child labour, working conditions and many aspects of the Industrial Revolution.
2. It was readily available on Netflix.
3. It had vivid characters with several dilemmas they had to face.
4. The story had characters both girls and boys could relate to. This is important to me in order to keep both engaged.
Sharing a document using Google Docs and then meeting on Google Hangouts has been a great way to collaborate. The students enjoy commenting on each other's answers and they are animated in the discussion times. Often there is debate and this series was no different.

The students enjoyed this series and had lots to discuss! I hope that your student does too!! Blessings! Natalie

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